Magic Truffle ceremonies

The magic truffle ceremony is a true magical experience that can bring color and light into our lifes! We're dedicated to give you the best magic truffle ceremony with everlasting effects. We're hosting several psilocybin truffle ceremonies a month with locations throughout the Netherlands. Are you ready for the magic?

Unleashing the real magic!

Before we can release the magic that's already inside you with the power of the magic mushrooms or truffles, we need to check for safety. Some conditions and/or medication cannot be combined and are potentially dangerous. The intake is important because we're able to check for contra-indications and we can give personal advice to make the magic psilocybin work even better to fully unlock your healing, creative and spiritual potential.

Upcoming truffle ceremonies & MDMA group sessions

Join one of our truffle ceremony retreats and experience the powerfull magic mushrooms in the form of legal psilocybin magic truffles. Once per two months we're also offering MDMA ceremonies for small groups only.

Latest News

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